Photography -(check out one of my Bridal pictures)

The “rules” of Photography! (But, seriously, are there actual rules?)

For this assignment we’ve been reading about ways to enhance photography and the subjects you are capturing. Keep reading, and see a never-before-released-online-of-me bridal picture taken by the marvelously talented Naomi Lineberry!

Here we go!

Leading Lines

Original unaltered photograph: 

Photographed by Johannes Hulsch
Content: Bellwald, Switzerland
Link: Stunning Travel Scenes

  • You can see how the photographer uses the lines of the bridge to lead the eyes towards the center of the image–and therefore seeing the beauty of the overall picture; the vastness of this bridge! 

Here’s a picture I took showing this concept of leading lines (not my best work, but it will suffice for now): Photograph by CNWells
Photograph by CNWells

  • The “lines” of the railing on our bluff leads your eyes to the cat, and greenery. 

Rule of Three

Original unaltered photograph: 

Photographed by Naomi Lineberry, Expressions Photography
Content: Me! This is one of my bridal pictures
Source: I have the digital copy of this picture, so instead of a link to the image here’s a link to Naomi’s website.

You can see the lines showing the rule of three here:

Again, here’s a picture I took experimenting with this concept: Photograph by CNWells

Aiden and Eric were my test subjects! Aiden was enjoying being outside (he loves the outdoors) and watching the cats being cats–ha!

Photograph by CNWells

  • You can see I put Aiden’s face at a crossing point in the lines, bringing the focus on his cute face! Yet, he’s not in the center of the picture–you still focus on him. The other focus is the river and scene behind Aiden (in front of Eric), which is the second focus I wanted to make–an emphasis on where they are.  

Depth of Field:

Original unaltered photograph:

Photographed by Michal Grosicki
Content: Nature in focus; titled “Cone”
Link to image: Found on unsplash

The photographer focused tightly on the cone in his hand, blurring the background, showing the closeness of the object, and creating depth that we were reading about this week in my course.

Here’s my experiment with the concept:
Photograph by CNWells

  • I attempted a “reverse” effect compared to the professional image above. I wanted the focus to be on Aiden, and Eric (Aiden was taking in the nature around him–I love his reactions!) The stick is out of focus so you can see the depth of the picture, and that is what I was going for. 

Photograph by CNWells

Until next time!


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